Conveyor belt: FDA

For the layman, one conveyor belt might look just like the next one. However, if you work with these types of transport bands, you know that there are – sometimes small, but always important – differences between different conveyor belts. If you work in food, for instance, your conveyor belt must be FDA-approved.

This means that the conveyor belt is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use with food products. If you are looking for a conveyor belt with FDA approval, please contact Hardick. Hardick is an ISO-certified company that produces conveyor belts according to your specifications.

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Conveyor belt FDA for food processing

To get the right FDA-approved conveyor belt for food processing, it is important to know what type of food you are processing. If you process oily products, the requirements for transport bands might be different from when you are processing wet or frozen food. Or what about steaming hot food products?

In that case, the band should also be heat resistant! Of course, this is no problem for Hardick. We have a lot of experience in producing the right products for clients around the world. And it’s not just our products that are top-notch; you can also rely on our great service. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Supplier of high-quality products

Hardick supplier of high-quality products and offers a lot of expertise. The company was founded in 1913. We have been active in the PFTE market since the 60s. During those years – we are talking about more than a century – we have gained a lot of knowledge and experience, which we use in our own factory.

We constantly work on developing new machines for use in-house and by our customers. We also work on improving existing and developing new materials. We like to be challenged: present us with your problem and we will do our best to provide you with an excellent and tailor-made solution.

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Hardick is a member of the Hardigroup, a joint venture of Hardick and Hardiflon, two worldwide suppliers of specialist high-temperature PTFE bands and of FDA approved bands. We serve customers around the globe and are always able to provide an excellent and fast service. Contact us for more information!