Conveyor belt

In manufacturing, the conveyor belt is often one of the most essential pieces of hardware there is. It transports products from one place to another, which allows for an automated workflow. This saves a lot of time and money. Provided, of course, that the conveyor belt actually works as it should.

If you buy your conveyor belt from Hardick BV in the Netherlands, you can be sure that it does. Our products meet the highest quality standards and are suitable for many different industries. We work for example for the carpet industry, the textile industry, the screen-printing industry, and the packaging industry.

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Great conveyor belt, great service

In order to be able to create the best products, we must also use the right materials. That is why we only source high quality base materials. We also support and assist wherever possible in new development, applications, and improvement in order to stay ahead in this very interesting market.

As part of the education of our employees, we have developed a continuous internal training program that focuses on all areas and aspects of our challenging and fascinated market. Of course, sharing knowledge is also part of this program, and in the last century, we have acquired quite a lot of that.

Long history

Hardick is a company with a long history. Our company was founded in 1913. At first, we started with the sale of industrial yarns. Later on, we expanded and started selling woven elastic fabrics. In the 40s, Hardick became a supplier of high-quality woven belts. The 60s was a decade of major changes.

In that era, we expanded our range of products to customer-specific PTFE solutions. After that, we also specialised in PTFE fabrics and even the conveyor belt. Currently, we are an ISO 9001 certified, global player with sales on all continents. In other words; if you are looking for the best partner for your conveyor belt, you should definitely contact us.

Benefit from our great service

If you are looking for a high-quality conveyor band and a great partner that can provide you with excellent service, contact Hardick. We are suppliers for smooth production and make sure that your operating processes go as smoothly as our conveyor belts. We are at your disposal, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

We understand that you might run into unexpected problems or calamities. That is why our service has no office hours. We can manufacture a new belt swiftly and have our installation team ready to replace it within just an hour. If you want to know more about our products or services, contact us at +31 53 435 3235.