Drying belt

A drying belt, or a belt dryer, as it is also called sometimes, is an apparatus that can be used for continuous drying of products, such as woodchip, pellets, and moulded compounds. The drying belt uses air, inert gas or flue gas to do this. Belt dryer systems are often used with food, bulk material and chemical products.

To make sure that the products are dried the right way, the drying belt must meet rather exact specifications. Especially when it comes to the use in chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries. Hardick can help you with that. Hardick is a market leader when it comes to creating the best drying band.

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Advantages of our drying belt

We’ve done a lot of research on drying belts, to make sure that we created the most optimum product possible. That is why our band dryers are easy to clean and offer simple access to internal components. We also offer systems with fully automatic control systems, which makes your production more efficient.

It is possible to order a drying band in a single set up, but we can also advise you on systems with multiple drying bands, for example in case you are working with products that tend to create dust. Contact us for more advice for your specific situation; we’d love to help you find the right solution.

Over a century of experience

But before you order your band dryer from us, you might be interested in learning a bit more about our company. Hardick was founded in 1913, which means that we have over a century of experience in our area of expertise. When we started in 1913, we mainly focused on selling industrial yarn.

Throughout years, we expanded our range of products to include high-quality woven bands, woven elastic fabrics and – in the 60s – customer-specific PTFE solutions. We’ve focused on that field ever since and that resulted in a position as market leader. Our customers can be found anywhere around the globe.

Global player

In the past decades, Hardick has turned into a global player. This is partly due to our great products, but also has a lot to do with our great service and drive for innovation. We have made it our mission to help our employees develop into specialists and we constantly train them to ensure premium customer service, advice and product knowledge.

Our Sales engineers travel around the world to meet with our customers and find out what they need. Once they start sharing their problems, we can start working on a great solution. And once that solution is found, we still won’t leave your side: we even offer an onsite conveyor belt installation team to help you get set up!