Foodgrade conveyor belt

No conveyor belt is the same. While one transport band is excellent for transporting dry products, the other is especially suitable for transporting wet or ice-cold products. Especially when it comes to food, the type of conveyor belt is very important. In that case, you need a foodgrade transport band.

A foodgrade conveyor belt or transport band is a band that is able to move foods safely and efficiently, without any hassle. And even in that category, there are many different options. A foodgrade conveyor belt for meat will have different requirements than a foodgrade transport band for frozen peas.

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If you are looking for a foodgrade conveyor belt that will not get you into trouble with the FDA or another organisation? Contact Hardick! Hardick is your supplier for high-quality products that ensure safe processing. We offer foodgrade transport bands in practically all sizes and supply a lot from stock.

This means that you can rely on us for a very fast service, even if your company is not located in the Netherlands. We deliver our foodgrade transport bands worldwide, in Europe, but also in Australia, Japan and many other countries. And if you’re looking for something other than a standard conveyor belt, we’ve got your back!

Supplier of high-quality products

Hardick is a reknown supplier of high-quality products. If you say Hardick, you say foodgrade conveyor belt. We are market leader in conveyor belts with exquisite anti-stick properties, both in Holland and in Europe. We didn’t just become a market leader; we have been in business for over a century.

Hardick was founded in 1913. At first, we specialised in the sale of industrial yarns. As the years passed by, we become more interested in PTFE fabrics and transport bands, and that has been our main focus since the 60s. We offer all of our existing and new clients high quality and a great service.

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Our sales engineers travel throughout the world to visit our customers, discuss wish lists, problems, and requirements, and to find solutions. We focus on enhancing production, to make sure that our transport band actually helps you improve your business. You’re welcome to challenge us!

And in case of emergency, we are also always nearby. Thanks to efficient planning, a large production capacity, large stock and an automated production facility, we can produce the majority of all orders within one to three days. Our network of transport partners will ensure fast delivery. Contact us for more information!