Since the foundation in 1913 Hardick enjoyed a moving and successful development.


Hardick starts with selling industrial yarns.

THE 30’S

The company expands with sales of braided elastic textile belts

THE 40’S

Focus is on high quality woven textile belts

THE 60’S

With the gained experiences the assortment is expanded. Hardick introduces customer specific PTFE solutions

THE 80’S

Hardick specializes on PTFE-fabrics and affiliated products. All branches outside of PTFE and belts are split of.

THE 00’S

The ever growing organization mainly confections conveyor belts from PTFE coated glass and aramid fabrics. Our sales spread out more and more over the world.

THE 10’S

Hardick develops and markets its own PTFE-fabrics and welding equipment. We are becoming a worldwide top player with sales on all continents.