PTFE welding equipment

For you to be able to weld our PTFE coated conveyor belts onto your own machines, we produce transportable very efficient welding equipment. Light, fast and easy to use.


Fast and efficiently assembling a conveyor belt at your own leisure.No or minimal loses of valuable production timeThe belt can be used to maximum usage time (no more need to make appointments and waiting for mechanics)


To be used with PTFE-glass conveyor belts that can’t be placed endless and a mechanical binder isn’t wanted.

Welding beams

To be able to weld PTFE-coated conveyor belts we supply a range of transportable welding beams up to a maximum weld width of 3000mm.Our transportable welding beams consist of a switchbox, a welding beam and clear working instructions.

The welding beam itself consists of an upper and a lower beam with fixation clamps. We also supply custom help tools with which the placement of the conveyor belt about to be welded is even simpler.

For every beam and weld procedure we supply the right set of materials for the job.


To easily repair damages to PTFE-coated materials and PTFE-coated conveyor belts or to weld PTFE-coated conveyor belts endless, we supply 2 different ironing sets.

  1. Iron with controlbox and iron holder.
  2. Iron with controlbox, iron holder and clamp in a handy storage box.
    Customer specific

For special needs and circumstances we can, after negotiations, build a customer specific welder.