PTFE conveyor belt

If you are looking for a heat-resistant conveyor belt with extreme anti-adherence properties, only one name should come to mind: Hardick. Hardick is the market leader in conveyor belts with excellent anti-adherence properties and can provide you with the best PTFE conveyor belt that is available.

The Hardick PTFE conveyor belt is successfully used in many ways, for example in the production of food products, bake and fry products, carpets, nonwoven and screen printing materials, extruded rubber products for car industries and even in sealed packages. Our PTFE conveyor belt is of superior quality.

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Advantages and properties

The major advantage of Hardick’s PTFE transport band is the fact that it is heat resistant up to 260 degrees Celsius. It has a high torque at small volumes (of up to 8000 N/5 cm), and it offers extremely low friction (0.05). On top of that, the Hardick PTFE conveyor belt also as excellent anti-adherence properties and offers superior chemical resilience.

There is no need to use solvents in coating systems if you use these products, and fungal and bacterial growth are practically impossible. On top of that, we are capable of producing PTFE conveyor belts in almost any width, which means that we also offer the perfect solution for you. If you want to know more about this, please contact us.

Innovative solutions and applications

One of the main unique selling points that Hardick has to offer, is its ability to provide innovative solutions for numerous applications. We’re not just selling a PTFE transport band, we are selling a solution that will help you improve your business. We take all of your questions and ideas seriously and make sure that we come up with a product that really suits your needs.

The Hardick transport bands are applied in UV dryers, infrared dryers, shrink tunnels, cooling tunnels, heat sealing bands, food industry bands, glue processes, laminators and reverse coating systems, to name just a few. Our products are the result of 100 years of experience and product development.

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If your company can use some help with the horizontal movement of products, which cannot even adhere to the band at 260 degrees Celsius, you should definitely contact Hardick. Hardick offers all the expertise and production facilities required to turn your problems and challenges into workable solutions.

In order to do this, we create sustainable PTFE conveyor belts of superior quality. For more information, a free quote or a sample, please contact us. You can give us a call via +31 53 435 32 35 or send us an e-mail via We offer high quality and a great, fast service. Use our expertise to your benefit!