PTFE conveyor belts

When you say Hardick, you say PTFE conveyor belts.

In Holland Hardick is the market leader in conveyor belts with exquisite anti-stick properties. And in the whole of Europe, Hardick products take a leading position.  At the grounds of this are 100 years of experience and product development.

Pro´s & properties.

  • Heatressistant up to +260ºC
  • High torque at small volumes (up to 8000 N/5cm)
  • Extremely low friction (0.05)
  • Excellent anti-adherence properties
  • Superior chemical resilience
  • Slight heat capacity (1.000 kJ/kg.K) and heat los
  • No need for solvents in coating systems
  • There are very light structures possible for furnace builds
  • No fungal and bacterial growth

Innovative solutions

The questions ‘how do I make an invisible PTFE-weld?’ and ‘How do I get a perfect match between PTFE and the glass- or arimid fabric?’ are now permanently answered by us. The same goes for the growing number of requests for increasingly wider conveyor belts. With our experience and the facilities to create PTFE Conveyor belts in almost any width, we are helping with the optimalisation of very different production processes on a daily basis.

Widely appliable

Hardick PTFE conveyor belts are successfully implemented in the production of foodstuffs, bake- and fry products, carpets, nonwoven- and screenprintingmaterials, isolation products and extruded rubber products for car industries. Besides those the packagingindustry uses Hardick products on a wide scale, especially in the sealing of packages. The machine builders for the industries now there way to Hardick.

Hardick conveyor belts are applied in

  • UV-Dryers
  • Infrared Dryers
  • Shrink tunnels
  • Cooling tunnels
  • Heatsealbelts
  • Reverse coating systems
  • Laminators
  • Dry ovens
  • Food industry belts
  • Glue processes

Is your company also interested in the horizontal displacement of products, that aren’t even allowed to adhere to a belt at 260ºC Hardick offers you the experience and production facilities with which we translate our solutions into durable PTFE conveyor belts of superior quality.


Automotive industrie

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